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Since its creation in 2012, Darik Sazeh Tavana Co. (DST) is a referent in numerous industries as a provider of components and systems for various applications. We are providing our experience and our approach to innovation, bringing ideas and smart solutions for industries that require the most advanced technology.

We are representatives of the some prestigious companies, a broad range of industrial equipment manufacturers, both of latest technology and the highest quality, such as:

  • POSCO (South Korea) for plates
  • SeAH Steel Inc. (South Korea) for CS & SS Welded Pipes
  • VIRGILIO CENA (Italy) for Fittings
  • STEEL WORLD (South Korea) for Piping Materials
  • 5Blue Inc. (Canada) for Process packages
  • AFZ Risk Management (Canada) for Safety Study of Projects
  • AIOTEC GmbH (Germany) as a partner for supplying of several equipment

with a well-known respected background, a strong dedication to innovation and constant development

We assume a serious commitment of quality, efficiency, intelligence, professionalism and responsibility, researching and developing with our customers and technological partners through continuous improvements in our sales processes.

We have a special department executing projects created to meet our customers’ needs, delivering optimal, innovative and high quality solutions, complying with the most rigorous quality and hygienic standards.

Darik Sazeh Tavana Co. (DST) began its activity at 2012 in the field of engineering and supply of equipment and materials and planning, execution and management for various industries including but not limited to oil and gas industries, railway, automotive industries, power generation, water and waste water treatment equipment and materials. We are dedicated to providing our customers with innovative solutions and equipment for their requirements.

By using experiences of our experts and with outstanding knowledge of all methods and international and current standards in the national industries, Darik Sazeh Tavana Co. (DST) is ready to serve all stages of engineering, procurement and supply of the Goods.

DST as certified trading agent and distributor, represent the selected international manufacturers in the industry in Iranian market. All of our suppliers are certified with ISO9001, and/or, ISO14001, or CE, or API.

The team at Darik Sazeh Tavana Co. is dedicated to the principles of honesty, integrity, and value-added customer service by providing RIGTH TIME, RIGHT GOODS, RIGHT PRICE and RIGHT SERVICE.

DST has been highly active in the fields of oil, gas and petrochemical industries and railway, power plant, water and wastewater transfer and treatment. This company is well integrated in the petroleum industry and quite capable of managing most challenging projects. We are recognized in the market as being a highly technical and professional sales team specializing in piping materials, process equipment like pumps and compressor as well as instrument and control materials.


Using standards


serious commitment of quality


Experiences of our experts


Outstanding knowledge

Organization Chart

DST believes in continual improvement and has defined and practiced its organizational chart based on job descriptions and defining required qualifications for the jobs based on integrated management system.

DST also provides commercial services including imports and exports, loans and other financial services, involvement in private and governmental tenders, attending national and international exhibitions and conferences, accepting representatives all over the country.

DST Services

:DST provides complete procurement services & material handling, including

Vendor assessment

Request for quotation

Before PO service

PO & After PO handling

Inspection during manufacturing & delivery expediting


DST Company

DST Company started its activities in the oil, gas and petrochemical industries in 2012, by a group of engineering and procurement experts with years of successful experience in Oil & Gas industries. The company began his work by representing capable European manufacturers and continued with procurement services as main target to serve the Iranian projects and contractors.


Unit 17, 3rd Floor, SAMAN Office Building, 1st St., 2nd Square, Shahran
Tehran 1478644755 – Iran


(+98) 21-4435 7257 (Ext.111)

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